Why WEEDSEEK.INFO should be your guide for joining the best CSC in Spain

We look for the best weed clubs in Spain. Our mission is to help you to avoid the expensive “tourist traps”. There are so many offers and it´s not wise to trust street promoters, some clubs do not have a license or just bad quality herb.

WEEDSEEK.INFO – Connecting you to the best, reputable cannabis clubs 2018. We are independent and we have an unbiased opinion, we are residents and members of over 50 weed clubs in Spain, we will invite you to enjoy only the best quality produce in a comfortable and safe environment. Our service is free, but club memberships apply… If you need more information on how it works in Spain, then please take a look at our “Weed Guide”


We are constantly reviewing and analyzing the best clubs in Spain based on the feedback of our customers and to offer you the best services