Why WEEDSEEK.INFO should be your guide for joining the Best Weed Clubs in Spain

We are constantly looking for the best weed clubs in Spain. Our mission is to help you to avoid the expensive “tourist traps”. There are so many offers and it´s not wise to trust street promoters, some clubs do not have a license or just bad quality herb.

WEEDSEEK.INFO – Connecting you to the best, reputable cannabis clubs 2018. We are independent and we have an unbiased opinion, we are residents and members of over 50 best cannabis clubs in Spain, we will invite you to enjoy only the best quality produce in a comfortable and safe environment. Our service is free, but club memberships apply… If you need more information on how it works in Spain, then please take a look at our “Weed Guide”


We are constantly reviewing and analyzing the best cannabis clubs in Spain based on the feedback of our customers and to offer you the best services.

By maintaining an ongoing dialogue with our clientele, we are able to gather valuable insights into their opinions and preferences. This feedback is meticulously analyzed and used as a foundation for our decision-making processes. It allows us to refine our offerings and enhance the overall customer experience.

Our dedication to excellence drives us to constantly evaluate and improve our selection of clubs. We strive to offer only the best establishments, those that meet our rigorous standards of quality and service. By staying informed about our clients’ experiences and preferences, we can confidently recommend clubs that align with their tastes and expectations.

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