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We are always seeking best Spanish Cannabis Social Clubs. Our goal is to steer you clear of pricey “tourist traps.” With so many options available, it’s unwise to rely on street promoters; some clubs lack proper licensing or offer subpar products. WEEDSEEK.INFO – Linking you to the finest, reputable Cannabis Social Clubs. We’re impartial and independent, boasting firsthand experience as residents and members of over 50 weed clubs in Spain. We’ll ensure you savor only the highest quality goods in a cozy, secure setting. Our service is complimentary, though club memberships may be required… Need further insight into Spain’s cannabis scene? Check out our “Weed Guide” for more details.

According to Spanish legal regulations, Cannabis social clubs  are non-profit organizations (or associations) of users who get together to consume cannabis and connect to others without having to turn to the black market. They are based on the fact that the personal consumption of this product has never been considered a crime under Spanish legislation. However, the consumtion and posession in a public place are  punishable by fines from 600€ to 30000€. Cultivation of marijuana plants is permitted so long as they are not in view of the public, a change which was introduced in the ‘ley mardazo’ passed by the previous PP government. But note that for small quantities (although this is not defined), it is an administrative offense not criminal. However, trafficking is a criminal offence, and can result in quite hefty jail sentences.

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“Staff are so helpful and very welcoming absolutely 10/10 🙏😎well worth the visit clean tidy definitely the best club in Madrid by far”
– Tara Smith

Simon Chel “Absolutely unbelievable thank you so much what a holiday, lovely warm and welcoming staff reminds me of Amsterdam but with much better smoke already booked again.”
– Simon Chel

Jen Wirth “The friendly lady explained everything very well, so now I know what is possible and what my own risk. She recommended exactly what I was asking for. I love it!.”
– Jen Wirth

Jeff Glum “Very good club and the lady was very warm and friendly. Her knowledge of the products was really good and helped me get exactly what I wanted.”
– Jeff Glum

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