If you’re planning to travel to Tenerife anytime soon, you’re probably wondering about the best cannabis clubs in the area.

You’ll find about fifty cannabis social clubs in Tenerife, which are similar to many of the clubs you’ll find in mainland Spain. Tenerife, like many cannabis clubs in Spain, operates in a legal grey area since there is still a lack of clarity surrounding Spain’s cannabis laws.

To help you better understand what the best cannabis clubs in Tenerife are, we put together this article to help save you time. Since there isn’t a lot of information on the Internet today covering the best cannabis clubs in Tenerife, we decided to help you out and offer you some recommendations.

How to get Weed in Tenerife

Securing access to the Cannabis clubs in Tenerife can be a bit tricky if you are just a visitor. Since many of the cannabis clubs in Tenerife, like many of the cannabis clubs in Spain, operate because of a lack of legal clarity behind Spain’s cannabis laws, these cannabis clubs must be cautious about the people they allow into their clubs.

Most of the cannabis clubs in Tenerife rely on a good relationship between members, operators, local police, and officials to remain in operation. Many of the cannabis clubs in Tenerife will only sell to residents that are Tenerife residents. Typically, non-residents aren’t allowed inside of these clubs. However, there are some strategies you can use to get around this problem. 

To obtain access to a cannabis club in Tenerife, you’ll need to get a recommendation from a resident that is already a member, or you’ll need to contact the club ahead of time and provide them with your identification. Much of this process will depend on how the club prefers to receive contact. Some clubs will allow you to apply for membership online, while others will not.

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