Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and Granada in the southern part of the country is no different. Many visitors to the area are looking for culture, fantastic food, and for some people, weed.

How Do Enjoy Weed While You’re in Granada?

Whenever you are participating in something that is not entirely legal, it is essential to know where you should be getting weed, and where you should be consuming it. Let’s talk about getting marijuana in Granada and how you can find clubs and use it safely.

How To Get Legal Weed in Granada?

Many tourists are drawn to Spain for the same reason they are drawn to the Netherlands. Granada is a popular destination not only because of the ideal location and culture, but also the ability to smoke weed while you are staying. If you are looking to risk it, you can head to Calle Elvira to find someone selling on the corner.

Although it is not difficult to find marijuana in Granada, the same rules apply to that area of the country as with the rest of it. You are legally not allowed to smoke or consume marijuana on the streets. Just because you see someone doing it does not make it okay. On the other hand, marijuana has been decriminalized for use inside of a private home, and you can even grow it for personal use.

The safest way to enjoy weed is to join a cannabis club. These clubs are located throughout Spain and are popular for both the quality of the product you can receive, as well as it is legal within the walls of the club.

Cannabis clubs in Granada run on strict membership guidelines that you may or may not meet. Each club has its own specific regulations. The only downside of cannabis social clubs is that you need to join the club before visiting. The good news is that you can do that much easier than you think!

How Do You Join a Club?

Cannabis clubs are the safest way to consume weed while you are in the country. While they may be more complicated than finding someone on the street, you are guaranteed to have a higher-quality product as well as a safe place to consume it. Cannabis clubs are privately owned and do not have government regulation. That being said, each club will have their own rules and guidelines that you need to follow to gain membership.

Most of the cannabis clubs in Spain as a whole have different age requirements for members. Some age restrictions are as low as eighteen, but others may require you to be twenty-one. You will also need some government-issued identification such as your driver’s license or a passport if you are visiting from another country. This is not only to ensure that you are who you say you are but also for the legal protection of the cannabis club.

Something that sometimes gets in the way is that you are going to need a Spanish address as part of your membership. If you are staying with friends or renting a vacation property, then this is not an issue. Most clubs will not allow you to use the hotel address, but you can ask to be sure.

Many of the clubs need a current member of the club to sponsor you to become a member. While this may seem like a complicated step, there are also certain websites that you can use to help get an invitation before your arrival.

Before you visit any cannabis club in Granada, you want to make sure that you contact them. Not only to avoid a club that has been shut down, but also to make sure they are accepting new members. It is not uncommon for select clubs to only allow residents of Spain to enter due to strict regulations on who can and cannot use their facility.

Is Weed Legal in Granada?

Weed is not legal in the country of Spain, but that does not mean you cannot find it. Although it is illegal, it is still relatively easy to find and is a popular source of income for many residents. Since so many locals participate, it is not difficult to find a club, or even someone on the street has something to offer you.

While you should not be smoking weed or purchasing it right in the middle of the street, you can grow and use marijuana in the privacy of your own home or clubs. You can also buy and sell different paraphernalia that goes along with growing your own. Personal use is considered decriminalized in Spain, but there are certain restrictions that you need to follow.

Clubs operate in-between the law. They provide their members with a certain amount of weed per month. This is covered in the membership fee that is often associated with cannabis clubs throughout Spain in general. Most clubs offer a safe place for those who are looking to use the drug recreationally, but some cater to those with medical needs.

Websites to Help You Join a Club

Depending on the club you are planning to visit, most can be contacted to ask for more information about what they offer as well as if they are accepting new members. By calling or contacting them on social media, you also may be able to obtain a sponsorship over the phone or be able to set up an in-person interview upon arrival.

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