A new  report published  in Scientific Reports, rates recreational drugs according to their toxicity, to many of you the surprise could be that cannabis sits at the very bottom of the list. But perhaps what is surprising is that alcohol is in first place as the recreational drug that does most harm to the body.

The report states that alcohol is about 114 times more deadly than cannabis when using the model of exposure approach, this is a measurement that calculates a substances ratio of toxicological threshold and human intake. Alcohol, heroin, tobacco and cocaine were classed as ‘high risk’, ecstasy and meth were classed as ‘mediumrisk’. The findings concur with previous data which was calculated using different methods of measurement.

As we all know alcohol and tobacco are both essentially uncontrolled recreational drugs whereas cannabis is restricted in most parts of the world, although as the facts are becoming clearer and there is now even more evidence that CBD is a very useful therapeutic tool, as is THC. We hope that as these very facts become more and more available, as more research is carried out, predominately in states or countries where it is actually legal to carry out research, governments will start to realise what an enormous error thay have been making, and the lives they have ruined, by their short sightedness.

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