When joining a Barcelona CSC (Cannabis Social Club), there are certain things which you shouldn’t do, and some that you can:

Generally speaking and taking into account that each club is different, here are some general things you can do and some you shouldn’t.

When at the reception for the first time, always remember that this is a private closed club so they have the right to refuse membership, so it’s important not to step over any boundaries and know what may or may not be expected or permitted. It is advisable not to ask too many questions when joining—why? As the process is still in a bit of a grey legal area, it is advisable not to ask too many questions at the front desk as the clubs are not permitted to ‘promote’ the club. Once you are accepted you will find the members and committee very helpful.

Clubs in Barcleona and generally throughout Spain donot sell you any weed, so try to avoid using financial expressions ,you will find that many clubs will work on a credit system.

Whilst in the club it is important to behave in a respectful manner not anly towards the colloborators and the other members but also with the facilities, many clubs offer bongs and pipes for your use please clean them up and leave them ready for the next perosn. Dont confuse mixing bowls or trays with the ashtray. Ty to be respectful of the toilet facilities.

It si important not to get any subsatance for anyone but yourself and dont give any to a friend or anyone either inside or outside the club as this can be construed as trafficking which is a crime.

Most clubs will have papers and filters available, so if theyre not on the tables then dont be afriad to ask at the dispensary, the same goes for any paraphernalia whih you may wish to use. The collaborator in the dispensary is very knowleagable and should be able to help and advise you on your choice  and any other questions that you may have. Most clubs will have some kind of rereshment (although alcohol is not normally available), and they will let you bring in some food to consume in the club.

In general just use your head and you should really have a great experience. Remeber this is still a grey área legally so the best thing is to be discreet.