legal Status of Cannabis in Barcelona

In Spain cannabis is only legal inside a private Cannabis Social Club (CSC), and even though the Catalan autonomous government has tried to regularise and legislate it is really no different than the rest of Spain. Although it is difficult to obtain an exact number there appear to be around 120 CSCs in Barcelona alone, and they come in all shapes and sizes, from the ultra up market to the typical hippy chill out zone. To enter in a CSC you have to be a member, you will have to go through the application and registration process, the Catalan legislation stipulates a time period between application and admittance to the club (although as this law has not been approved by the central government it is not usually adhered to), but it is a sign of what may be coming so its a good idea to apply a couple of weeks before you anticipate going. Just to emphasise that posession and consumption of Marijuan in public places is subject to confisaction and a fine which could be in the región of 600€, so it is advisable to be a bit discreet when consuming or carrying outside the clubs.

Becoming a member

Any new member must be sponsored by an existing member most clubs have an age barrier which is normally 21, although a few allow 18 year olds, you will be asked to validate your age with some form of foto ID, you will aslo be asked for a residential spanish address, although this is not normally checked by the club. Most clubs will also ask for your Marijuana experience and your potential monthly consumption (normally up to 99 gms per month). They will also ask for payment of the relevant fees before you will be permitted entry to the facilities. Most clubs will charge a one off registration fee and then a monthly quota others may charge a straight up yearly quota, generally you will be expected to pay around 40€ to 50€ on your first visit (plus any contributions for produce). As clubs are not permitted to promote themselves (which coffee shops can and do), the quotas are essential for the survival of these clubs.

If you find the thought of paying up front before being able to obtain marijuana a bit off, then the alternative is to buy on the street. I have talked to many members of clubs who reckon that the registration and monthly fee is a small price to pay as they have had many problems buying off the Street, lack of variety, getting ripped off and finding it in the first place, much easier to know where to go and have a good variety i a comfortable safe environment. Although if this is your choice the first place to look would be the beach and the public squares. The quality in the clubs is generally of a very high standard with several strains on offer,.