What are the advantages of growing from seeds?

When it comes to cultivation there is always a discussion as to whether you are better off with seeds or clones.
Growing from a seed is a far more natural way to grow, and results in a great variation of buds, within the same genetic range.

Growing from seeds will give you a far greater choice of strains than cloning. Different strains of Cannabis seeds are far easier to obtain, as they can be sent from anywhere in the world, and they should all arrive in good condition. Buying clones which are sent by delivery, tend to arrive with some damaged and dead. The journey can also be very stressful for the plant and then it finds itself in new surroundings, different care conditions etc.

Seeds actually root better thus giving a stronger plant when it flowers. There is also the advantage of trying new strains whenever you want.
For breeding purposes it is better to use seeds avoiding a large amount of stress and allowing you to cultivate the male plant. Statistics show that cannabis seeds have a 85% chance of germinating whereas with clones this goes down to about 50%.

The main advantage of growing from clones is time, by starting with a clone (assuming it survives the journey and the new location), you obviously have a head start.