Marijuana is the illegal drug most consumed on the planet. Marijuana is the most consumed illegal drug on the planet. It is estimated that there are between 129 and 191 million cannabis users worldwide, that is, between 2.9% and 4.3% of the world’s population between the ages of 15 and 64 consume cannabis on a regular basis or occasional.

Even being the most consumed illegal drug and having a large number of users, there is still no known death related directly to marijuana use.

There are different studies that show the data provided, although it is generally known that marijuana does not generate significant health risks for the organism.

From prohibitionist platforms a great effort is made to mask the benefits of the use of therapeutic marijuana and defend the interests of the pharmaceutical multinationals that control the drug business.

Its usual presentation are dried flowers of the female cannabis plant being the most traditional way to consume marijuana. Due to the great impact that marijuana consumption has on our society, it is important to know the possible associated risks for cannabis users. On the other hand, this article can serve as a guide to know how to use marijuana as a useful tool in your life and apply its possibilities, both medicinal and recreational to your daily needs.

Consume marijuana; forms and uses

Many users consume inhaled marijuana cigarettes, these are usually combined with tobacco and wrapped in paper to make it easier to consume with combustion. It is recommended not to mix cannabis and tobacco, the medicinal effects of marijuana will be altered by the mixture. The use of a cellulose filter will reduce the amount of tar in the inhaled smoke. It is recommended not to transfer the cigarette bundled from mouth to mouth to prevent diseases that can be transmitted through this route. The consumption of snuff drastically increases the chances of getting some type of cancer. It is recommended to consume marijuana without tobacco in order to benefit from the therapeutic properties of cannabis.

Currently there are a large number of pipes with different shapes and designs. There are pipes with water filtration, better known as the bong to be able to cool the smoke and consume less risk. It is important to clean the pipe well after each use, since part of the toxic material it prevents from getting warmed up and can be introduced into the body more easily.

Vaporized marijuana is the method we use when introducing the active principles of cannabis through the respiratory system, usually heating the substance to less than 250º, which is what would be interpreted as combustion, and passing air through it is achieved that the cannabinoids, For the most part, they volatilize and mix with that air, the resulting air is what is inhaled. Currently marijuana vaporizers are the best method to consume cannabis inhaled, within the scene of medical marijuana play a very important role helping thousands of people to consume their medicine in the most natural way.

The oral route consists in the ingestion of the active principles of cannabis, recipes with cannabis butter can be elaborated by means of different extraction methods or concentration of the active principles. In principle, the effect of cannabis orally is reduced by its sensitivity to gastric juices and subsequent hepatic and intestinal metabolism and its introduction into blood, in fact it is in the way in which the effects can be more disparate in the people, by the suggestion to endogenous factors and particular of each human being, therefore, although it is already consumer it is necessary to begin by small doses. Once ingested, we must wait a minimum of two hours before returning to consume, it is common that these times are not respected and as a result, generally, the body falls down due to drowsiness, recovering after a few hours.

The sublingual route consists of the application of the psychoactive component under the tongue, it rises and the diluted component is applied in ethyl alcohol or oil and it is administered with a dispenser, the method is the one used by Sativex®. This method is of rapid absorption, thanks to the fact that the sublingual mucosa rapidly absorbs these components and pass directly to the blood through the jugular system.