Legal American Marijuana customers spend more on their marijuana than on eating out.

It is a rather interesting question and one which we should all be aware of. How much do we spend on Marijuana? As far as I know there has not been a study done in Europe to review this question, however the Americans (as marijuana is legal in several states), have carried out this study and the results are perhaps rather surprising.
1000 legal marijuana customers were asked the question as to how much they spend on marijuana products in a month. (ie edibles, marijuana, hash, pre-rolled joints etc.). They were asked to give a dollar amount and the analysts at LendEDU then averaged together all the replies and the results were as follows:
On average these consumers spend $111 (which is about 95 €), and this average of $111 is buying about 6 products per month giving an average spend of $17,85 per purchase. How much do you spend on marijuana products per month? If you compare it to your spending are you average ?
Do you spend more on Marijuana products than eating out. The interesting point is that on average the marijuana users questioned spend more on marijuana than eating out! In fact of the 1000 users interviewed some ¾ spend more money on marijuana than on eating out. This must be a worrying figure for people with restaurants and fast food joints.
Obviously these figures must be of concern to some take away restaurants as the concept of a marijuana user is that they get the munchies and will shovel anything to keep the munchies at bay. Actually personally I don’t find that to be the case, I at least tend to be much more particular about what I use to stem the munchies, fast food burgers actually make me not want to eat at all, the smell and consistency put me off and I am talking to more and more people who are improving their eating habits, looking for fresher healthier alternatives. Maybe just another benefit from marijuana.