If you drink quite a lot of alcohol it will help you sleep, but as we all know, it’s how you sleep and the way you feel the following day. Too much alcohol and the head hurts etc, not a really restful sleep.

However, with cannabis, you get to sleep quickly. But is the sleep any good? One of the problems with answering this question is that due to the prohibition of cannabis there has not been too much research carried out. My personal experience is that smoking a joint before going to bed helps me sleep the whole night through and wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed in the morning. It can also help with sleep if you are in a bit of pain.

The reason might be that a cannabinoid CBN is what THC degrades into and it is a powerful sedative. So from that point of view you should get a good refreshing, relaxing nights sleep after smoking a joint last thing. But it is thought, in some circles, that the THC also cuts out REM sleep, which means that people who smoke a joint at night shouldn’t have so many or such vivid dreams, which is thought to be the most refreshing of sleep.

My conclusion would be that if you need help sleeping then use an Indica strain, I feel it would be much better than any of the usual prescribed drugs, but you must make your own choices.