Cannabis clubs in Madrid are private, and it is easy to get rejected by the clubs or even worse in desperation get ripped off by the Street promoters in the Retiro. My objective is to help you and save you a whole lot of trouble.

The first important thong to get round is that Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) are not the same as coffee shops even though the final result can be the same. As CSCs are private clubs you need to be invited by a sponsor to join, a sponsor being a current member of the club. So you can’t just find the address and turn up at the door you will be politely rejected. This is an important distinction between the two.

To get an invitation the easiest route is to ‘e’ mail the club directly, or use one of the affiliated web sites to request an invitation to join. If you recieve an inviation you will be required to attend an interview for which you should make sure that you have sufficient time (if you are in a hurry you will probably be refused the invitation). Ensure that you have an up to date foto identification (Passport, NIE; DNI; driving license etc.), and that you know how much the costs are and have the cash ready (credit cards are genereally not accepted). It is a good idea to confirm the interview a few days before, but   if you apply early it is a good idea to confirm a few days before the interview.

Do understand that CSCs are private clubs and only members are allowed admittance so if there’s more than one of you, only those who are paid up members can go in.


It is very easy to get rejected by a cannabis club in Madrid; or even worse, fall into the trap of trap of fake street promoters in the Retiro park. If you follow our instructions, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.

How to join a club with the mínimum of problems.

Make an appointment to register. You will register at reception when all your questions can be answered. You will need a valid foto ID (some clubs don’t accept student ID). Pay the mebership ranges from 40 to 50 euros, forget about asking for a discount or saying you’ll only come once, if you don’t want to pay then its the Retiro park! You will need to give a spanish address, they won’t send mail or check this. Once you becone a membr then you can enter the club and you Will be permitted to withdraw up to 100 gms per month.

Points to remember.

Discretion is the most important point to bear in  mind. So a bit of common sense, don’t stand around in groups around the club entrance (can bother neighbours), or leave people waiting outside if you have friends who are not members then , please ask them to wait around the corner or in a café close by. Don’t bring luggage into the club. The clubs are obliged to tell you that you can’t take product out of the club, however, many people do and our recomendation is that you hide it in your undergarments, always bearing in mind that this is at your own risk should you be unlucky enough to be stopped. Remember cannabis is only legal inside the club premises,, however  this is not a criminal offence it is an administrative offence (rather like a  parking ticket) posession of cannabis in a public place can be punishable by a fine.

If stopped by the police:

If the police stop you, you are not obliged to say very much, you can’t be arrested, so it is important not to say that you got the product from a club, in fact you don’t have to tell them anything. If you keep it in your undergarments then the chances are very good that the police won’t search you to that extent so be cool and calm. Also never, ever say its not yours or that you got it for a friend as that could be construed as tarfficking and then you could be in real trouble. In my experience and I’ve talked to a number of people stoppped by the police and the norm seems to be confisaction and a proverbial clip round the ear! (proverbial not literal).


To conclude, discretion and common sense, you are peaceful and safe in the club but there’s a wild world outside