With marijuana becoming decriminalised and recreational cannabis even being legalised in some places, there are more and more opportunities for a pet to accidentally eat seom of your stash. ¿So is it harmful? The short answer must be yes. So it is very important to make sure that your stash, be it flower, oils, or edibles are not stored in a place that your pet can get at. Both cats and dogs ( we all know the phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat’) are very curious and will try to eat virtually anything.

I do know of a friend’s dog that ate his stash. It didn’t kill the poor dog but if truth be told it was never the same again!  However, there has never been a single substantiated pet fatality due to cannabis. And it would appear that there never will be one as there is nothing in marijuana that is capable of killing a cat or dog, in any amount. The fact is that the cannabinoids, THC and CBD, are not poisonous. Dogs and all other mammals share the same cannabinoid receptors as human beings, which do not affect the parts of the brain which control breathing. Having said this there are more reports of pets dying after exposure to marijuana, but many of the cases are circumstantial an edible is missing my dog died so he must have eaten the edible. So, to clarify yes it is possible to kill your pet with marijuana, however, most vets concur that its is damn near impossible.

Is second hand smoke harmful to your pet? My experience is that pets in general are quite impartial to marijuana, it helps relax them and in certain cases can be very beneficial. However, I have never taken a pet into a really smoke-filled room, but I know that that can’t be good for it (not that good for humans either). Cats and dogs have more sensitive respiratory systems than humans, so it’s a good idea to keep your pet away from the smoke.