If one thinks in Colombia suddenly two images come up: Pablo Escobar & Coke. This country is totally committed in efforts to eradicate cocaine production, so the police and the law enforcement officials have to be on heightened alert for what they assume might be marijuana or coke possession and or usage. Both marijuana and cocaine are illegal in Colombia, but the attempts to enforce it are somewhat lax, and often conducted by extremely corrupt law enforcement officials. Bribery is a way out of any situation, but your best bet is to not flaunt your usage and smoking in public, and above all, BE CAREFUL! Cops here can search you under any pretext (and without provocation).

Where to buy weed and marijuana seeds in Colombia

Colombia is a green country… you can grow anything, just drop a seed & wait! Ganja is everywhere in this country, so take a look around you before diving into purchase. At the present you cannot buy seeds in a shop like Amsterdam or Spain, but you can try to getthem online. Check out the college campuses, the bar and club scenes, and any hot spot for hanging out. Do be careful though, Colombian cops are on the lookout for pot smoking Americans and Euro types, and they love to get your bribes. Best to talk to a seasoned local first, and see if you can’t get a lead from one of them. If you speak Spanish, that is a plus in your favor. Take the time to suss out your local dealers, many of them pay the cops to leave them alone, or offer an occasional sacrifice (uhh, you) for protection from being busted. Please use our WeedSeek Community to share your experiences on getting pot in Colombia.