Laws and legal news about marijuana in Malaga, Spain

Throughout the whole of Spain marijuana for personal use and in your own private home is legal and is generally tolerated. But, as we kkep reminding you, the selling, importation, exportation and growing of marijuana in comercial quantities (although comercial quantity is not in any way defined as to how much!) is illegal and punishable under Spanish law. Anyone caught may be imprisoned and/or fined. However, the police Will often ignore people peacefully smoking some weed. Marijuana smoking is not much of a major concern in Malaga and the rest of the major cities in Spain. If you are in Malaga, you have to be careful of the local police. As with most of Spain if you are caught smoking in public or in posession of a small amount “Policia Municipal” (ie the local town hall police) will most likely confiscate the weed or hashish; It is very rare that they fine you (it’s a 600€ fine with 50% discount if you pay within 15 days). So it may be advisable to either smoke in the privacy of your own home or to join a CSC (a cannabis social club).

The safest way to get weed or hash in Malaga is to join a Cannabis Social Club (as with the rest of Spain).  You are well advised to steer clear of the black market, the quality  can be pretty bad and it can be dangerous. There are some notoriously dangerous places in Malaga where drugs of all types are sold and it is recommended to stay well away from them. If you are thinking of growing your owen then there are places to buy buy sedes online or find a local grow shop (yes -they’re called grow shops in Spain), which tend to have a good selection of sedes and all the extras needed to produce a good harvest.

As we have said before, the safest way to get Hash & Weed in Malaga is to go to a CSC. Membership is usually around 30€, although some clubs will charge you a registration fee and then a small monthly membership. Hash can be cheaper, but the high quality stuff is expensive. ¿Why do we recommend a CSC? Because they care about their members, the quality of their product is controlled by people who care (they are also smokers, they smoke what you smoke). CSCs in Spain live off the membership fees, and no one wants to be a member of a club that does not have good quality product.