The term CSC (Cannabis social club), will be a new term to many of you, however, it is very descriptive, the Spanish equivalent of a coffee shop, it is a social club, or an association where  members have legally put their collective skills, resources and funds together, to cultivate marijuana and provide it in a safe environment to its members. The members and Board of Directors are organized as a closed-circle group of people who band together in a registered Private Association for the purpose of “autoconsumo” – to produce and consume cannabis. These clubs are non-profit and only require members to pay a small yearly fee and  their share of the harvest efforts.

Most clubs or CSCs Will offer a good selection of several strains, hybrids, sativbas indicas, as well as several strains of hash, maybe some deibles and varios extractions,. Inside the CSC there is space to sit  and enjoy the products, they Will offer free Wifi, so you can study or work in a relaxed and peaceful environment, clubs also offer diverse events, talks etc.

So if you want to experience a good marijuana experience you should head for a CSC, its worth the efffort and many people prefer the Spanish system of a closed circle to the coffee shop where it is a free for all.