Madrid is one of the most pleasant of European cities.

The climate is very dry, and can at times be a bit difficult. Summer temperatures can reach the 40 º level , and in the winter freezing point can be felt. However, these are extreme moments; most of the year, due to the dryness of Madrid, the weather is very pleasant and most importantly the sun shines giving Madrid the appearance of a city of lights.

Madrid street life offers multiple opportunities for food, drink and street entertainment. You should never be bored in Madrid.

However, if you are reading this then are probably wondering how to get a decent smoke. Well Madrid has a number of private Cannabis clubs. The problem is getting in through the door, as the legality of these clubs is based on privacy laws and so the clubs are only open to members and people who know a current member or are sponsored. It is not a question of knocking on the door paying some euros (as is sometimes the case in Barcelona), but of being sponsored.

So how can we help, well we can sponsor you. Whats the catch -well there really isn’t one, we ask you some simple questions fill in a form and we will make you an appointment to attend and join. Although we can get you to the interview, at the end of the day, it is upto the individual clubs as to whether they will accept you. There will be a short interview and the club rules are explained to you, and that’s it, you’re in. The main club we work with is in the north of the capital, very close to a metro station, and accessible in taxi or uber as well as various buses etc. It is close to many hotels.

What are the costs: it depends on the club, some clubs charge up to 50€ registration fee, plus an upto 20€ monthly quota; As we get to know each other i will explain all theses details in my email, some clubs offer bongs for your use and papers, filters etc, and some charge them, some have edibles, brownies, fruits etc,. The atmosphere is relaxed and convevial to a smoke and a chat, there is a small selection of cold drinks at most clubs.

So don’t be shy and send us an email!!