The Sagrada Maria CSC—Badalona,

Badalona is a realtively quiet residential, suburb of Barcleona, its on the metro line L2 and is quite accessible for Barcelona. There are some long sandy beaches which tend to be much more accessible than those in Barcelona. During the summer there are fewer people on these

beaches and they are far safer than those in Barcleona.

Hidden in this part of Barcelona we can find the sagrada Maria, one of Barcelona’s newest Cannabis social clubs, the club is not far from the Badalona metro stop. The club prides itself on the diversity of it’s membership and of it’s stock. The age limit for joining the club is 21 and you dhoulf be a cannabis consumer before applying for mebership.

Would you like to become a member of a Cannabis Social Club in Badalona?

The association has a large reception area which is adapted for people with restricted mobility. The dispensary is well stocked.

There are some comfortable sofas and a smart TV, and this leads onto another space which is a much quieter zone. The club is smartly furnished and is all in all a very accommodating club.

You have th choice of sitiing with the TV (which may have music videos or interesting doumentaries). Or if you prefer it move over to the quieter area. The products are dispensed by a knowledgable collaborator who will help to dispel any doubts that you may have.

Would you like to join a Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona (Spain)?

Please send an ‘e’ mail to:

[email protected]



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