Amsterdam has the coveted position as being the cannabis centre of Europe, the city all cannabis smokers should visit at least once in their life time, a sort of mecca of cannabis smokers. However, things are rapidly changing and there is now a new contender for this coveted position.  Yes you’ve got it we’re talking about Barcelona.

Throughout the year and every year millions of tourist descend on Barcelona, they come to enjoy the beaches, the architecture, the food and the people, having the great advantage over Amsterdam of the weather. A lot of tourists are not aware opf the vibrant cannabis scene in Barcelona. Barcelona is passing legislation to regularise the cannabis clubs to make them more accoubntable and to improve the quality on offer. Spanish law permits the consnumption of marijuana in a private place.

Since the first Cannabis Association was opened some years ago there are now over 300 cannabis associations, making Barcelona a contender for the smoking capital of Europe. Te Benefit from the safety and quality offered by the cannabis clubs, you need to become a member of one of these clubs. To join a cannabis club in Barcelona you need to be sponsored by an existing member. You will have to provide a valid foto ID and address in Spain and in most clubs you must be over 21 years old to join. You will have to contribute to the club financially by paying a registration and monthly quota to cover the costs of the club (electricty, rent etc). It is very important to remember that you are not purchasing anything in the clubs you are contributing to the services and the cultivation of the cannabis. Marijuana is not bought or sold inside a csc (Cannabis Social Club). It is actually ilegal to take product from the clubs and most clubs will make that clear to you (the clubs cannot stop you from removing product from the club premises, so the advice is to put it in yourt undergarments), it is ilegal to pass product to someone else (this would be trafficking), or smoke in a public place (your home is not a public place so you can smoke there, it is your private place.)