The term Coffee shop has come into common usage as a place to buy and consume marijuana, generally speaking coffee shops are open to the public. Cannabis Social Club is another term people used as well.

So what is the difference between a coffee shop and a CSC?

Firstly as  the name implies a coffee shop is a comercial enterprise  that actually sells marijuana.

A CSC is a private association where members have legally put their collective skills, resources and funds together, to cultivate marijuana and provide it in a safe environment to its members. The association is fromed and organised as a closed circle of like minded people. They get together to consume and produce cannabis. The clubs are non profit and members only pay a small monthly quota and their share of the products.

Most clubs offer an assortment of produce. With varios selections of strains of marijuana, hash as well as other concentrates. The clubs will offer a comfortable place to sit and chill, free wifi so that you can work or play. They will offer occasional events, informed talks, maybe chess competitions etc.