In Cyprus, Cannabis is a Class B substance – There is a possibility of life imprisonment is possible for use and a maximum eight years for possession (at the moment a maximum two years for the first offence for under 25-year-olds). In practice, an offender is taken to a local police station by drug enforcement where a statement fingerprints and/or a confession are taken. After minor interrogation, the offender is held overnight and then released to be later called to court where a judge will set a fine between 400-1000 Euro for first time offender and depending on the amount of cannabis found and severity of the case. Factors such as being helpful to the police, full confession, completion of 6-month detox program provided by the government and an apologetic attitude towards the judge can help for a reduced fine.

The offender must attend a detox centre on their own and complete a six-month detox programme. At the end of the programme a report is sent to the judge outlining the result of the detox and the attitude of the offender, it appears that they are also issued a diploma. Non completion of this 6-month program can have  consequences such as an increased fine at sentencing.

Cyprus legalized the medical use of cannabis oil in January 2017. Only advanced stage cancer patients are currently eligible, however.

It seems that smoking or even trying to get weed, is a very risky business in Cyprus, the recommendation is that unless you have a very good contact the odds are that if you go out on your own to find it you will get into trouble. There are stories of the police beating people up for just carrying king size papers and cardboard filters. So be very careful.