Marijuana is illegal in Malta and is considered a hard drug. Marijuana use is very limited in Malt despite the climate which makes it a nice place to have a joint. However, the police can be very strict and during the summer concerts (which attract some very strong artists), the police mount road blocks to restrict the use of drugs and to catch any one who is trying to get some into a concert. The prison terms and fines can be harsh and the controls at the airport can be very tight, with coordination between all the forces of law and order.  (customs officers, police and the armed forces)

Penalties for marijuana trafficking includes imprisonment from 3 years or a life sentence and a fine between 2, 329.37 to 116,468.67 Euros. Penalties for possession can run from 12 months to ten years imprisonment and from a 465.87 Euro and 23,293.73 Euro in fines. As an example, During 2007, an Egyptian national was sentenced to a 12 year custodial sentence and fined 15,000 Maltese Liri (about 35,000 Euros) for possession and dealing 14 kilograms of cannabis resin (hashish).

Although there are signs that the law is relaxing a little bit at least with regards to medical marijuana. In the “coming months”, Sativex spray will be made available to patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), but the Medicines Authority is also “listening to stakeholders” on a range of other forms and treatments of cannabis.