Cannabis is currently illegal in the Netherlands, however, Dutch lawmakers in Feb 2017 approved legislation that would permit the professional cultivation of marijuana.

How do you get marijuana in the Netherlands? 

Over the counter and never off street dealers. Most coffeeshops have a weed menu, which gives information, usually in English, about the various strains they have available. Pre-rolled joints are usually available, if you don’t want to roll your own. Alcohol is not permitted in coffeeshops, though patrons can buy soft drinks, hot beverages and snacks.

I thought it was legal to smoke marijuana in Holland? 

No. Despite the profusion of coffeeshops, which sell cannabis over the counter, the drug is not legal in the Netherlands. It is, however, tolerated, meaning the authorities will turn a blind eye to those in possession of 5g or less.

Coffeeshops are allowed to store a maximum of 500g of cannabis on the premises at any one time. Growers have not generally in the past been prosecuted if they are cultivating five marijuana plants or less.

So are coffeeshops illegal, then? 

Though coffeeshops are technically illegal, they are granted permits to trade by the authorities. Confused? You’re not the only one: Dutch drug law is a hazy old business.

How many coffeeshops are there in Amsterdam? 

Today just 175 coffeeshops remain in Amsterdam, half the number that existed in the Nineties. Amsterdam has more coffeeshops than any other city in the Netherlands, though Rotterdam, Utrecht and the Hague also have a handful to speak of.

Remeber: you can get weed in the Netherlands over the counter but never off street dealers, and never carry more than 5g!