Generally, the Russian police are not very keen on marijuana. However, it seems that the new law has decriminalised possession of marijuana, apparently possession of up to 6 grams is a small fine (I have read as low as $10), however, up to 30 grams is a higher fine and possibly some community service.

Viktor Ivanov, the head of the Federal Drug Control Service, said drugs would never be legalized in Russia.

Little Russian marihuana Dictionary:

dudka, trava, chai (“tea”) – weed

gydra, gydrapon – hydroponics weed

boshki, bohi, shishki – buds

Davai dunem/nakurimsja – let’s smoke!

Ti mogesh namutit’ mne travi/dudki/gashisha? – Can you deal weed/hash for me?

Ja hochu nakuritsa – I would like to smoke a joint

Other rumours about smoking in Russia: If caught, some people, suggest offering the police a bribe of round $500. There are rumours of tar being added to hash in Moscow so be careful there.  The reports suggest that buying in Russia is not only dangerous but can be expensive, as the normal street variety of both weed, marijuana and hash tends to be pretty atrocious, so it would seem as if it’s better to err on the side of cautioun and try to seek out a decent dealer, suggestions are the techno clubs where the young people hang out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there are any coffee shops in Russia nor are there likely to be in the near future!

Good luck and if you have tried to score in Russia perhaps you could leave a small comment about your experiences and advise the community.