On 10th December 2013, Uruguay became the first country (in modern times), to regulate the cannabis market.

The Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA), which is under the control of the Ministry of Public Health was created to issue licenses and to control and regulate importation, production, marketing, storage and distribution of marijuana and its derivatives. Uruguayan citizens and residents (over 18 years old) can buy up to 10 grams per week from authorised chemists with a maximum holding of 40 grams. Clubs can grow up to 6 plants with a maximum yield of 480 grams per year, the clubs are permitted to have a membership of between 15 and 45 members. It can also be cultivated for scientific and medical use. Driving under the influence is prohibited.

How does that help a tourist- well strangely enough tourists cannot buy marijuana however, there is a catch. While tourists aren’t allowed to buy marijuana, they are allowed to receive it as a gift. If you make friends who are excited to share their stash with you, you’re good. And if you just happen to pay for a cannabis-themed tour and receive a gift at the end of your tour, then you haven’t broken any laws