A study carried out by Dr Jorge Chavano of the Harvard TH Chan school of public health in Boston and his team have been analysing sperm count of some 600 males from couples who were attending a fertility clinic.

The study analysed 1143 sperm samples from 662 men taken between 2000 and 2017, the men had an average age of 36, and were mostly white, with a college degree. They were all seeking help with conception at a fertility clinic.

The findings showed that 55% of the males whose sperm was analysed had taken marijuana at some time with 44% having taken it in the past and 11% being current users.

The results showed that average sperm count of users was 62.7 million/mL, whereas the count for non-users was 45.4 million/mL. The WHO defines a normal sperm count as 15 million/mL, 5% of users were below this level and 12% of non-users were below it. It was also noted that the levels of testosterone were higher in users.

So the question is are these results significant and if so how can this be incorporated into a treatment for infertility in males.