Spain has over 500 cannabis clubs, with about 50-60 Cannabis Social Clubs of them being in Madrid. Although cannabis is still illegal in Madrid, it is legal to consume cannabis in a private space such as your home or private cannabis club.

In Madrid, cannabis should not be consumed in a public place, and if you’re caught with cannabis outside of your home or club, you can get fined. Before joining a club, it is important to do your research and understand the rules of cannabis and the clubs.

What Exactly is a Cannabis Club

Cannabis clubs are associations that must exist as non-profit organizations and must operate with the intention of administering supply to their members. Club members are only required to pay a yearly fee for their share of the harvest efforts.

The members and Board of Directors are organized as a closed-circle group of people who come together in a registered private association with the purpose of producing and consuming cannabis.

These clubs have spacious areas to hang out, places to work with comfortable seating with a well-stocked dispensary and bar.

Cannabis clubs are not a business, and any money taken inside the club is a donation to the grow facility, lounge, and experience.

After paying a fee and contributing your share of the cultivating efforts of the association, the club typically gives their members 4-8 Sativas, which provides an invigorating, uplifting, cerebral effects that are good for physical activity, 4-8 Indicas, which are believed to be physically sedating and perfect for relaxing, and sometimes a selection of hash and concentrates.

What You Need to Join a Cannabis Club in Madrid

You can’t just walk off of the street into a cannabis club. There are very specific rules. To join a cannabis social club in Madrid:

  • You need to be at least 18 years or older. Some clubs require you to be older than 21.
  • You have to be sponsored and invited by an existing member to join.
  • Once you are sponsored, you assign the club the right to grow on your behalf.
  • If you are from outside of Europe, you would need a valid passport or valid European Union ID card.
  • If you want a sponsor or want to join a club, try contacting a club see if they can assist in getting you an invitation

Optional, but important: It helps to have experience using cannabis or a medical condition that requires you to use cannabis.

How to Find the Right Cannabis Social Club in Madrid?

The best way to find and join a club is to do research and read reviews. The majority of clubs are genuinely good quality and value, but it is important to read reviews so that you don’t stumble upon the not so good ones.

Once you’ve picked out a club, you have to contact the club directly to request an invitation to join the social club.

Never show up unannounced, and never use the terms “buy” or “sell.” To become a member, you have to be invited by another member.

Things to know about Cannabis Social Clubs in Madrid

  • There is no Residency Requirement for those who want to join a cannabis club in Madrid. However, by law, each new member must register using an address in Spain. This can be a place where you are a guest or an Airbnb. The club doesn’t reveal this address and won’t send mail to it.
  • There are different membership and payment options where you can choose one, three, six, or one-year memberships. This helps the club keep an only active membership base so that they can stay within the closed-circle doctrine that lawmakers look at when examining if the cannabis club is operating within the law.
  • Must maintain proper cannabis transportation protocol, which should be transported in your undergarments. It is legal to possess and consume a small amount of cannabis, but only in a private setting. You are told to keep cannabis in your undergarments because once you are out on the street, police can do a search seizure, but cannot check undergarments without a warrant.
  • Don’t light up in public because you will be fined, and any cannabis you possess will be taken by authorities. Consumption can only be done in private at your home or in a club.
  • Any person from any nationality can join a cannabis club. They don’t have only to be Spanish. But they do have to be sponsored by another member to join.
  • Cannabis clubs do not have limited types of cannabis. Most clubs carry a variety of cured flowers, hash, extracts, concentrates, tinctures, and even dabs and oils for vaping.

It is illegal in Spain to sell cannabis, but it is legal to cultivate and smoke your own cannabis for your own personal use as long as it is consumed in the privacy of your own home or private club.

If you are found smoking marijuana in public or found with it on you, you will be fined, and anything on you gets taken away.

Cannabis clubs exist on these principles:

  • Constitutional privacy laws that basically means what you do in your own home is no one’s business
  • Constitutional rights of association that means that people have the right to form private associations.

Under the privacy laws, you must be sponsored to the club by an existing member, and under the rights to association laws, you need to ensure that products provided to you don’t end up with people outside of the club.

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