As Christmas time comes around once again, we are suggesting a recipe to keep Christmas green and happy! Nougat is one of the most common and favourite Christmas treats. Like many Christmas treats its origin is Arabic, and since the 11th century has been produced extensively on the Mediterranean coast, particularly in Spain and Italy. Traditional nougat consists of a sweet dough obtained from cooking honey with peeled and toasted almonds. You can also add an egg as an emulsifier. It is usually in the form of a tablet (like a bar of chocolate) or a cake.Nowadays there are nougats of almost any flavour imaginable. And in this case,we will adapt it to integrate our favourite herb, cannabis.

INGREDIENTS 300 g of unsalted, almonds,

 200 g of icing sugar 50 g of honey

2 grams of cannabis extraction

1/2 spoonful of cinnamon

The zest of a lemon

Egg white

Place the almonds in a bowl and place a hot oven around 200 ºC, leave them for five minutes then remove and allow to cool. When they are cool they are then ground in a blender, taking care not to grind too much as this will let the oils out. In a small frying pan put the honey, icing sugar and 2 grams of cannabis let this cook slowly on a low heat until it has all mixed nicely together, normally around 30 minutes, adding a bit of water if the mix seems to be drying out. Remove from the heat and once the mixture has cooled down, add the egg white,mixing well until the dough is shiny and homogenous, then add the ground almonds, the half teaspoon of cinnamon and the lemon rind, mixing well. Pour this dough into the container which has been greased with butter or oil, so the mixture doesn’t stick. Cover with cling film to prevent a crust forming and leave to cool until hard.ture doesn’t

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