The European Union have issued new recommendations for cannabis: The revised text asks for “scientific and independent research on the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, and for the European Commission to develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure independent research, development, authorisation, Marketing and surveillance and to avoid abuse of cannabis products. “

The resolution had its beginnings with a proposal from Estefania Torres to the Committee on the Environment after the formal proposal of the MEP de can Estefanía Torres (GUE), more than a year ago. The Commission supported it until it became a motion for a resolution, which was voted on Wednesday.

“We have managed to get the European Parliament to approve a legislative mandate for the Commission to regulate cannabis for medicinal use,” said Torres: “This is a first step but it is a great success Because it makes Justice to the thousands of people who need cannabis to alleviate their pain, eliminate or mitigate the symptoms of their illnesses, release them from stigma and access difficulties and eliminate the obstacles to research. We are going step by step, but what we want is to open the door to the debate on the comprehensive regulation of cannabis in the EU……………..

The proposal was originally much more ambitious and was more focused on eradicating the submerged economy and helping rural areas, however, such an ambitious plan could not muster enough support and hence the concentration was placed on medicinal usage.

This recommendation comes just a week after the WHO recommended that cannabis be moved to the least harmful schedule, as well as recommending that CBD be removed completely from the list. For more information: