At first sight it appears that growing marijuana can be quite a test.  There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration. But at the end of the day we are cultivating a plant and one that is commonly called ‘weed’, which suggests that it shouldn’t be too hard to grow. Actually, I don’t think that Marijuana is a weed in the true sense of the word at least not for those who want to cultivate it. However, generally speaking it is fairly easy to grow. But the objective, in this day and age is not just to grow any old ‘weed’ but to cultivate strains that have pleasant taste and effects which are also to our taste.

What are the essentials for successful growing.

The first choice to be made is are we growing indoors or outside. This will depend on the time of year and your location. The summers in hotter countries are ideal for outdoor cultivation, whereas I doubt if you can successfully cultivate in the exterior in the UK for example.

The advantage of growing outdoors is cost (the light is free), however, there are many other factors which can make it more complicated.  Wind can burn the leaves and buds, and then there are natural predators, flies etc. For example, mealy bugs are a real pest for outdoor plants.

It’s a nasty looking insect (atleast if you’re a cannabis plant!).  There are quite a lot of other factors (mildew) which can attack the plant.  So, to get a good crop it is not just a question of planting the seeds putting them in the sun, waiting and adding a bit of water now and then.

In other articles we will examine the processes more thoroughly.